Eybler Quartet concert a roaring success

MARCH 1, 2014

A respite from this winter’s polar vortex is surely welcome. It is even more special when moments of warmth and sublime beauty stir not only the intellect but the soul too. As part of the Serenata Series, the Eybler Quartet performed last night at the Wolf Performance Hall leaving the audience exhilarated and wanting more.


Specializing in string quartet repertoire and playing on period and modern instruments, this quartet’s musicians come from various backgrounds which include membership in the internationally recognized Toronto-based Baroque ensembles Tafelmusik and I Furiosi.

The Eybler quartet consists of: Julia Wedman (violinist), Aisslinn Nosky (violinist), Margaret Gay (cello) and Patrick Jordan (viola). This coterie of consummate musicians offered up a program that featured works by Hayden and Beethoven and by Joseph Edler von Eybler, a lesser known composer perhaps, yet equally profound and substantively powerful.

Whether bringing to life the humour and irony of Hayden or showcasing the inventiveness of Beethoven, this quartet engaged in a musical conversation with four distinct voices committed to a dialectical disquisition as it affirmed, speculated and brought closure aesthetically to each of the composer’s abstract arguments and points of view.

Through controlled dynamics, pulsating rhythms and tonal titillation a vast array of emotions was put out there for all of us to experience vicariously, simultaneously allowing ourselves to indulge in a smorgasbord of delectable and merry music-making. Despite the classical form and symphonic-like structure of the string quartet genre there was still the autonomy for each instrument to enjoy its moments of wild abandon while still adhering to the overarching master plan of the composition. At particular moments instrument and performer were one and the same, enjoying each other’s company ever so much.

The string quartet repertoire is often overshadowed by its bigger orchestral relative, yet for subtlety, audacity and precocity there is nothing quite so agreeable. Last night’s concert welcomed the beginning of March as the proverbial lion and was nothing short of a roaring success.


Iain Paterson is a Musical Theatre Performer and founder of The Broadway Singers.